The Far South Coast of NSW (Sapphire Coast)

The Winter Writers Retreat run by the Writers of the Far South Coast (WFSC) is held each year in the Bega Valley on the Far South Coast of NSW near the Victorian border. This year, the retreat will again be held just outside Tathra at Kianinny Bush Cottages

The Bega Valley is located:

  • 8 hours from Sydney
  • 8 hours from Melbourne
  • 2.5 hours from Canberra

If you’d prefer not to drive to the retreat:

  • Rex Airlines has flights from Sydney and Melbourne arriving daily in Merimbula (20 minutes away)
  • Premier Motor Services has buses from Sydney that travel down the coast and stop in Bega (10 minutes away)
  • Translink has buses from Canberra that stop in Bega
  • Public Transport Victoria has trains from Melbourne to Bairnsdale
    and… V-Line has buses from Bairnsdale to Bega

If you let us know in advance, someone from the WFSC can pick you up from the airport or bus stop.