We asked the attendees at 2019’s Writers Retreat : “What did you like best about the weekend?”

“Great conversation with a wide range of people. Very humbling to see the talent of others. As ever, lots to think about – the basis of good writing!”

“Sharing, the encouragement & mentoring.”

“Everything. Fabulous accommodation. Fantastic food. Awesome wood fires. Lovely and relaxed atmosphere. Conducive to productivity.”

“Learning new skills in mentoring sessions.”

“The serenity of the setting.”

“Tranquil setting with time and space for writing.”

“The relaxed atmosphere, whilst still learning and being a place of work.”

“No cooking, no cleaning, no distractions make for a productive retreat. Got to catch up with other writers during the breaks, but I’m not here to socialise too much. Also liked having the photographer around to take author photos. Great idea!”

“The bushland location.”

“The absolute serenity in such a beautiful location – so magical.”

“The range of very talented & exciting people. People who are passionate about their craft.”

“Writer community & social times. Mentors – Marvellous. Bookstall.”

“Meeting and mingling with other writers.”

“Time away from home.”

“The companionship.”

“Really enjoyed meeting other people. Listening to the mentor’s workshop and feeling inspired.”

“Catching up. One on one mentoring. Getting inspired.”

“Lovely creative people; Amanda’s great camaraderie! Location/venue perfect!!”

“The mentors and their great input. Tathra pub.”

“Amanda D’s incredible effort.”