We asked the attendees at 2018’s Writers Retreat : “What did you like best about the weekend?”

“The bush setting and the mentor seminars, the opportunity to write and discuss writing with other writers and the mentors.”

“Talking about writing with writers.”

“The encouragement, support of fellow writers. Laid back atmosphere, inviting approach of mentors.”

“Writing exercises. I discovered I can write children’s stories. I loved the fire-starters & matches. There was plenty of good healthy food and the shared treats for morning tea were great.”

“Meeting new people; experiencing such a broad range of approaches to writing; mentors sharing their knowledge on the craft of writing; being in the bush/nature; being out of phone range but having excellent wifi!”

“Interesting people who had writing a the common thread. Rae’s approach worked well for me.”

“The generosity of the mentors, the company, the break from routine.”

“The chance to learn from experienced mentors.”

“Ambience; people; generosity.”

“The impetus to write more (and improve). The great interactions with others. Gtting info about ‘how’ to use tools & technology. Meeting really interesting people & such a huge range!”

“The chance to share my work with other writers, swap ideas and learning new writing techniques.”

“The supportive & learning environment from both mentors & other participants.”

“How it flowed, not totally regimented but interaction when required. Enjoyable weekend.”