We asked the attendees at 2016’s Writers Retreat : “What did you like best about the weekend?”

“The mentorship was invaluable”

“The atmosphere – a time and a place devoted solely to writing (and eating) and being around writers.”

“Time away. Effective writing talks from mentor. Ability to discuss writing with all the mentors. Discussions with fellow artists all weekend.”

“Time to write. One-on-one time with mentor – really productive tasks. Discussions with other writers. Feedback from all mentors.”

“It was good to meet like-minded people and learn so much”

“Mentoring, mingling with other people with similar ambitions, the atmosphere, the encouragement, the vibe.”

“The mentor, advice & exercises”


“Stimulation, productivity, mentoring, showing ideas, accommodation – loved the cabins and natural setting.”

“Great ideas from mentors. Great collegiate ‘feel’ all around.”

“Helping other achieve their goals – which motivates them to keep writing!”

“Beautiful setting, lovely people”

“Chance to talk to other writers”

“Being with fellow writers.”

“Chance to talk with other writers about writing! Inspiring atmosphere. Most people seemed to achieve a lot and many had the breakthrough they needed.”

“Speaking with lots of writers more experienced than me. Mentors.”