We asked the attendees at 2015’s Writers Retreat : “What did you like best about the weekend?”

“Talking with each other. Time to work on own. Flexibility with mentor sessions excellent.”

“The mentors, the company, the food, the stimulation, the space.”

“The ambience, the hospitality.”

“Revisiting a writers group again after a long time. Mentoring – Paula was excellent, generous with knowledge & time.”

“The group feeling and guidance by mentors.”

“Concentrating on writing away from distractions. It was very satisfying helping writers sort problems with their writing and stretching some in new directions.”

“I loved the opportunity to have a mentor – and to be given valuable tools to take with me into my writing experience. Spending time with like-minded people.”

“Capacity to interact with writers to explore their motivation, planning and expectations.”

“Spending time with other writers. I enjoyed meeting the other mentors and I think we complimented each other’s skills. The atmosphere was cheerful and encouraging.”

“Valuable critique feedback from my mentor – personal time away, allowing me to concentrate/relax only working on my book. Had the best sleep for months!”

“Enthusiasm of organisers, the company, availability of experienced and early writers to chat to & get advice from, opportunity to write in such a beautiful environment.”

“For me it was the chance to get away from the interruptions that writing from home attracts. Here it was no cooking, no housework, and then I could emerge from my ‘writing cave’ and socialise with a group of interesting people.”